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As house music matures, it is truly and indelibly becoming an international phenomenon. Born out of warehouses in Chicago and New York, then cultivated in the clubs of London and Europe, house music culture has spread around the world with a determined influence. Thus the time has come for an important house music scene to spring out of India, led by a striking young talent named Hamza and his exceptional Wind Horse Records label.

Wind Horse Records was formed in New Delhi in August 2009, earning the distinction of India's first house music label. Wind Horse was devised by prominent Indian DJ and producer Hamza who was soon joined by fellow music maker Vipul Angirish. The two have dominated the label's artist roster so far with impressive releases that seamlessly meld house music rhythms, traditional instrumentation from Indian and other world musics, and admirably high production standards.

Wind Horse Records was formed in New Delhi in August 2009, earning the distinction of India's first house music label. Wind Horse was devised by prominent Indian DJ and producer Hamza who was soon joined by fellow music maker Vipul Angirish. The two have dominated the label's artist roster so far with impressive releases that seamlessly meld house music rhythms, traditional instrumentation from Indian and other world musics, and admirably high production standards. Many of Wind Horse's releases feature Hamza and Vipul collaborating with important talent such as Harmonic Choir founder David Hykes, well known Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi, and Yungchen Lhamo, a Tibetan singer who has recorded for Peter Gabriel's Real World imprint. In fact, collaboration and the merging of tradition with contemporary dance music can be seen as Wind Horse's mission, and yields exciting and unique results. 

Wind Horse's future includes increased interaction with musicians from 'the west,' as the label includes renowned remixers and artists from the electronic music world. Wind Horse's next step includes remixers such as Tom Middleton, Michael Mayer, Ricky Ryan, and Kosmas Epsilon tackling its exotic sound. The label also will continue to showcase the music of its region's up-and-coming producers, including new discoveries Kartech, from New Delhi.

The label's primary focus remains to expose the pool of talent from India and 'the east' to global dance music citizens. Wind Horse has been largely successful thus far, earning accolades from fans like Riva Starr, Dubfire, Peter Kruder, Roger Sanchez, John Digweed, Lauren Garnier, and Sander Klienenberg. Wind Horse's reach looks to continue to expand as Hamza and Vipul Angirish increasingly play gigs and festivals around the world. Wind Horse is also forming a live 'sound system' act which includes Hamza, Indian percussionist Latif Khan, Latin percussionist Manu Idhra, and a promising mix of dancers, visual artists, and globally based guest musicians. Wind Horse will also be exposing its sound to the world through the WHR Podcast Series, featuring two mixes each month from Wind Horse DJs and friends of the label.

The Wind Horse style and concept has worldwide reach, blasting its international vibe out of club systems and home stereos in nearby as well as far-flung cities. With its ambitious plans the label is sure to increase its profile, delighting house music heads, world music aficionados, and lovers of exotic electronic music with an abundance of top notch releases. Keep and eye and an ear on Wind Horse Records and its tight knit family of artists ‚ exciting and surprising things are soon to come.

For Demos & Licensing: hamza@windhorserecords.com
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Release Date 2014-10-27
Catalog # WHR023

The Soulspace work distances itself with more exploratory tempos and an experimental beat-maker approach, of which cities like Los Angeles or London are particularly well known for. Opening with an eye-rubbing ambient piece in Morning At Roots, the album gets off to an intriguing start. Using singing birds and the gurgling of a soft stream underneath a dreamy melody, its a peaceful exercise in meditative sound. Jayeta follows suit with relaxing elements, only this time a strong kick and big bass punch through with an undeniable groove, creating the type of bright but moody dichotomy DJs dream of in a warm up cut.

Chez guru

Release Date 2014-10-20
Catalog # WHR022

With their backgrounds in mind, the meeting between Audio Units and Hamza is that of two Indian house heavy weights, if not royalty, and the results reflect this. Chez Guru gets its title from Ashriths nickname Guru and the french word for in the home of, basically a stamp for the place of the studio meeting. The vocals are also in French, which somehow always seems to lend an understated cool to any track, but when accompanied by slick productions such as these collaborators it becomes undeniably clear. The bass sounds are the foundation for Chez Guru, with two different levels responding to, and sometimes talking over, each other. The pads and key stabs are swirling, funky, and deep as ever except for wild, climatic moments perfectly paced throughout. Hand percussion finishes things off with a NY house style groove.

House Shift

Release Date 2014-08-04
Catalog # WHR021

Following two previous compilation tracks under his Kartech moniker on Wind Horse Records, Thakur Kartik is now primed to release his debut EP, House Shift. The label is excited to showcase this out-of-the-box deep house producer and mix engineer who has already done much to help shape the Wind Horse sound with his technical knowledge and musical background. Kartech has also proven himself as a talented DJ on the New Delhi scene, and fits right into the Wind Horse Records family as the label continues to push the promising new house music talent of India. Kartech provides two melodic and provocative deep tech originals for the release. House Shift has slight psychedelic accordion-like flurries over warm keys and echoing stabs, all propelled by a rubbery bass line. Light touches of dub effects round the track off nicely. Still undoubtedly deep, Saturn Solution rings true within its minimal electronic groove. A jacking snare cuts through the ebb of synthesizers as the track travels through unchartered sci-fi territory.

Wind Horse Sampler

Release Date 2014-05-19
Catalog # WHRS003



Release Date 2014-02-24
Catalog # WHR020

Inspired by his own travels and life on three different continents (South Asia, Europe, and North America), Wind Horse Records owner Hamza has reached a milestone in his first full-length album, Gitano. It's the culmination of a prolific five years for the Indian producer, with over a hundred recorded tracks, and singles for the likes of legendary German label Kompakt and New York-based Deep House imprints King Street, Nite Grooves, and Open Bar Music. The title of the album, Gitano, is Spanish for gypsy, a feeling embodied in the many different sonic landscapes wandered in and out of across the ten track release, touching on Latin, Celtic, flamenco, funk, and jazz influences within its house music foundation.


Release Date 2013-12-23
Catalog # WHR019

New Delhi-based DJ / producer Vipul is an artist evolving with time, back to share with the world his new influences by way of a melodic single for India's Wind Horse Records. Vipul's road to the label was somewhat guided by an Indian astrologer who affirmed that DJ'ing was his chosen path rather than a more traditional occupation. Vipul met the Wind Horse owner, Hamza, at his club residency where they immediately formed a friendship, with Hamza guiding Vipul's growing aspiration and production sound. At a point of more maturity and accompanied by three inspired remixers, things sound much more organic on Vipul's new release "Evolve", a title alluding to his progress. Vipul's original starts with tribal percussive grooves and introduces a low, extended bass before building with deep, heady chords, all acting as just a tease of what's to come. Its true bass line emerges with a bounce as the synths open up, and eventually a short, laser-honed stab combines itself with the rhythmic mix. Finally in the breakdown, a xylophone melody with a South African feel comes to the forefront before epically winding back into the regular order of the track. The first remix of the release comes from Glasgow's Ross Couch, owner of the Body Rhythm label. He makes more use of the xylophone melodies, layering different variations beautifully on top of one another, and also gives more light to the sparsely used vocal of the original. Orchestral strings add tension while the other elements take a rest at the midpoint. The whole affair is undercut by a distinctly UK style bass line riff. Wind Horse's own Hamza takes the song into a much different territory with a dragging bass and some subtle piano play amongst spaced-out synth interchanges. Around the halfway mark the kick takes a few hits off on its four-to-the-floor pattern and a new groove is delineated by a now constricted low end before returning to full force. Juan Mejia runs the labels Dutchie Music and Grouper Recordings out of Miami, but his remix adds a Chicago warehouse flare to the original, especially noticeable in the bass notes. He strips the track down to its melodic components, all while maintaining drive, and allows elements to shape shift into new forms as others remain consistent, carrying the song forward. Overall, this evocative offering from Vipul shows his transformation isn't merely ensuring survival as an artist, but rather gaining him higher ground with each new rung on the hierarchical ladder.


Release Date 2013-10-07
Catalog # WHR018


Nothing Really

Release Date 2013-07-01
Catalog # WHR017

New Delhi's Wind Horse Records confirm their passion for pushing Indian house music talent to the world with this latest release from the quality duo Audio Units. Consisting of Bangalore-based brothers Ashwin Baburao (AKA Inferno) and Ashrith Baburao, Audio Units have struck forth with previous releases and remixes on the likes of 3am Recordings, Bermudos, and Qilla. The pair have been active for ten years DJ'ing at festivals and venues throughout India and developing their rich, deep electronic music sound. "Nothing Really" shows Audio Units reaching into especially musical deep house territory with a polished production filled with melodic layers and sharp drum programming. Synth pad swells and a warm sub-bass effectively envelope the dance floor as crisp percussion and bubbling key lines provide the rhythmic pull. A deliciously soulful vocal sample fades in at the breakdown, giving the cut some serious late night appeal. Wonderful sounds here, sure to thrill DJs playing deep house as well as those into the smoother, more electronic side of 'nu jazz.' Wind Horse next aims its sights towards Nottingham, UK for a remix from a like-minded duo, the incomparable Inland Knights. The Knights certainly raise the funk quotient with their version of "Nothing Really," using the soulful vocal as a rhythmic drop and adding a bit of classic house piano. The staccato bass line serves to really get the floor rolling, and the swinging beats that Inland Knights are known for certainly seal the deal. Prime mover. The final track finds another contribution from Audio Units, the smooth and lush "Empathy Box." Featuring saxophone by Neil Gomes and keys by Karan Joseph, this track is full of surprises with unexpected musical moments around every corner. Swirling pads and a brilliant jazz funk bass line provide most of the song's action, but Audio Units' accomplished rhythm programming and the wistful saxophone breakdown combine to make "Empathy Box" something really special. It's a beautiful moment from Audio Units and Wind Horse Records.

New Breed Sampler

Release Date 2013-04-08
Catalog # WHRS002

Wind Horse Records has made the names of its main producers, Hamza, Vipul, and Vinayak^A, internationally known through a high quality series of releases beloved by DJs worldwide. The label has exposed a house music scene in India that was not known to most, showing it to be vibrant and expressive, and capable of deep, flowing musical works. As the house music movement in India grows, talented new producers are emerging and Wind Horse Records is pleased to showcase this newest crop with the compilation EP New Breed Sampler. All of the artists on this compilation are making their Wind Horse Records debut, with four of them revealing their very first tracks on New Breed Sampler. The sound throughout fits right in with the Wind Horse roster, as lush deep house anchored by tight rhythms, warm bass, and exotic elements typify all five tracks. The veteran Wind Horse artists interacted with the 'Nu Breed,' encouraging and giving feedback, with Vipul mixing down a few of the tracks himself. Within the listener will find Soulspace and his "How Long" featuring the expressive vocals of Scott Murray Moses; the driving deep house of "Stolen Love" by Audio Units; the spacious and rolling "Bits and Pieces" by Llewellyn Hil;; the lovely and atmospheric acoustic guitar-led track "Sky Cab" from OMA; and "Tropical Bitch" by Priyesh Patil which does indeed have the crisp, arpeggiated feel of a Balearic house track. With their impressively mature sound it is hard to believe these artists are the 'New Breed, and it's certain that they will be heard from again on many future Wind Horse releases. Dig in, and discover the rising house music sound of India and Wind Horse Records.

House Music Soldiers EP

Release Date 2013-01-14
Catalog # WHR016

After three years of spreading India's blossoming house music sound globally, Wind Horse Records continues to evolve with its sixteenth release, the superb "House Music Soldiers." This is a collaborative production from Wind Horse's two major players, Hamza and Vipul, who have individually made their names known through celebrated international DJ gigs and releases on a variety of imprints. Both based in New Delhi, the pair's output has consistently exhibited sweeping, cinematic production, the inclusion of exotic live musicians, and rhythms drawing on the beats of India to create potent dance floor winners. "House Music Soldiers" continues the label's string of top notch releases, with this one being a bit extra special. It's the first time Hamza and Vipul have collaborated on an original even though the two have been close friends since meeting years ago in the New Delhi club scene. "House Music Soldiers" has the cohesive, focused deep house sound of two like-minded DJs working as one in the studio. A rolling, deep rhythm leads a warm, bouncing bass line and electric chord stabs into the cut's hypnotic spell. A processed vocal hook appears throughout "House Music Soldiers," seeming almost like an incantation of the track's name. It's late night house music business of the highest order. A trio of first-rate remixes further flesh out "House Music Soldiers." Dutch DJ / producer Sebastian Davidson (Nightbird Music, Noir, I Records) is first with an atmospheric and evocative re-telling that pulses and grooves for perfect after-hours action. New Delhi's Kartech, who previously appeared on last year's Wind Horse Sampler, then provides a fine remix with swinging percussion, dubby flourishes, and dramatic (but still deep) breakdowns. The final version is courtesy of a recent Wind Horse discovery in New Delhi, Steve Conlan, who makes a strong debut with this remix. Steve turns the energy up a little by adding a huge bass line, staccato chord repetitions, and a crisp, steady build that's primed for the nightclubs. It's a fantastic package from Wind Horse Records, Hamza, and Vipul ready to be a part of DJ sets worldwide.

Lonesome Train

Release Date 2012-10-22
Catalog # WHR015

Wind Horse Records is pleased to present the debut album from renowned Indian Experimental & House music producer Vinayak^A, an ambitious ten song set titled Lonesome Train. Vinayak^A, whose given name is Vinayak Karthikayan, was born in the ancient town of Patli Putra, the land of the Buddha. He was surrounded by the sounds of Indian classical music at a young age, learning to play the tabla, guitar, and harmonium. This musical adventure led Vinayak^A to Bangalore and Mumbai where he took up DJ'ing and learned electronic music production. His ear for melody and sonic manipulation soon earned the attention of England's Baroque label which released Vinayak^A's "What's Stopping You" in 2008 to much acclaim. As Vinayak^A's sound developed he released further singles for Baroque and others, eventually and naturally forming a relationship with India's leading house music label Wind Horse Records. His remixes of Vipul Angirish's "Indian In San Juan" and "Persian Love" for Wind Horse were recent catalogue highlights, leading to label manager Hamza offering to release Vinayak^A's debut album. Lonesome Train is the result, and it's an impressive accomplishment for Vinayak^A, lifting his deep, progressive style to new heights. Lonesome Train is inspired by Vinayak^A's journeys around India by train as a child, passing the time dreaming of music and meeting new people and cultures at each arrival. The album certainly reflects this with each track a destination of sorts, drawing upon diverse elements and touching on genres from progressive house to ambient electronica, from grooving deep house to cinematic downtempo. Throughout there are pronounced hints of Vinayak^A's musical heritage, an Indian flavour giving a unique edge to the songs within. Just as impressive is Vinayak's ear for sound design as layers of atmospheric flourishes, snatched spoken samples, and environmental snapshots float in and out of Lonesome Train's ten tracks. Signature moments like "Be Water My Friend," "Hyd To Bring A Tear Drop," and "Pleading To Be Forgiven" show a thoughtfulness and complexity that is missing in much dance music while still laying down potent dance floor grooves. It's no wonder that Lonesome Train has already gained fans among early listeners, including electronic music luminaries like Jody Wisternoff, Hernan Cattaneo, and Robert Babicz. Now is the perfect time to visit Vinayak^A's sonic world, a destination one can reach by this departing Lonesome Train.

The Deep Era

Release Date 2012-04-17
Catalog # WHR014


Wind Horse Sampler 01

Release Date 2011-09-22
Catalog # WHRS001



Release Date 2011-09-17
Catalog # WHR013


Mali Dreams EP

Release Date 2011-06-09
Catalog # WHR012


Indian in San Juan EP

Release Date 2011-02-01
Catalog # WHR011


Wind Horse Rising EP

Release Date 2010-10-25
Catalog # WHR010


Dream Surfing EP

Release Date 2010-09-30
Catalog # WHR009


Morchang Tales EP

Release Date 2010-08-24
Catalog # WHR008


Persian Love EP

Release Date 2010-07-22
Catalog # WHR007


Dharma Voyager EP

Release Date 2010-05-19
Catalog # WHR006


Guru Funk EP

Release Date 2010-03-23
Catalog # WHR005

The prolific house music label from India, Wind Horse Records, introduces an exceptional fifth release: the Guru Funk EP from New Delhi-based DJ/prducer Hamza. With this offering Hamza is on a mission to prove that Indian musicians can indeed have, as he says, "serious funk in thier blood." Thus we're given three seriously funky house tracks, including a riix by gifted Indian newcomer Vipul. Hamza finds inspiration by merging 'western' house music and experiences in different countries with the sounds and styles of India. The songs on the Guru Funk EP have roots in France, another country whose electronic musicians have heartily embraced funk music. The title was conceived in Paris and proudly wears this sonic influence, filled with breaky house rhythms, a punchy "old school" bassline, and disco string swells. Originally Hamza had also included vocal samples from one of Mali's top divas. A dio of "Guru Funk" was sent to the singer who loved the track and approved, but unfortunately label politics got in the way. With sample clearance becoming unlikely Hamza grabbed the microphone and added his own heavily processed vocals, a first for the producer. The result is the relentlessly catchy dancefloor shaker that is "Guru Funk." Vipul Angirish was on his way to a more traditional career in computers when an Indian astrologer convinced him that life as a DJ was his destiny. Subsequent DJ adventures introduced Vipul to Hamza and he was soon asked to join the Wind Horse Records team. Vipul's riix of "Guru Funk" is his debut production for the label, and it is an impressive one. The beats are retooled to a bouncy, four-on-the-floor thump and the track steadily builds with rising sounds and staccato synth chords. Hamza's vocoder vocals are used as rhythmic stabs boosting the danceability of the cut. A potent addition to any house DJ's virtual record crate. The French are hat-tipped once again in the follow-up track "Delhi 2 Paris," which was inspired by a night out at famed Parisian nightclub Batofar on the day of the Fete De La Musique. It's Hamza's take on the "French filter funky house" that he heard, complete with a crunchy, rolling bassline and repetitious chords and jazzy flute licks. The vocal part in the break is frequent collaborator Loopy Juice repeating the words "Nasha Charh Gaya," Hindi for "I am getting high!" Wind Horse Records continues to expose India's rising house music talent to a worldwide audience. The efforts of Hamza, Vipul, and the Guru Funk EP will undoubtedly make waves in nightclubs and DJ sets everywhere. House music is proving to be a notably malleable, international art form and Wind Horse is certainly leading the way. Dj feedback: Giom (DJ, UK) - "This is a great release, and the Vipul mix will go down a storm in my sets. Love it." Atnarko (EIGHT-TRACKS, US) - "Guru Funk is super dope! I'm really into both mixes." Tyree Cooper - "Guru Funk is PHAT! I will bang the Vipul Riix for sure when I get into my jackin phase in my sets. Nice job." DJ Sneak - "Groovy joints!" Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Blog) - "Kicking ass with the Vipul Riix - jacked out funk and the Hazma flavour all over it!" SimonG (Deep South Audio, New Zealand) - "This EP really flexes its funk! All 3 tracks take you on an Indian-inspired 80's retro take on house. Wind Horse Records is starting to pick up some serious steam!" Al Bradley (Bugged Out, UK) - "Yet more fantastic grooves from Wind Horse & Hamza, the original cuts on here are both superb! 'Dehli 2 Paris' a brilliant, a really b striaght-up house cut. My pick though is the techy Vipul mix of 'Guru Funk', what a debut!" Bob Duskis (Six Degrees Records) - "Every time I play a Hamza track on our weekly radio show I get an e-mail from someone asking who this guy is and where people can find his music. A great hybrid of House, Tech and Indian sounds."

Ego Invader EP

Release Date 2010-03-17
Catalog # WHR004

For those seeking more exotic and unique additions to their house music diet DJ Hamza and Wind Horse Records continue to spectacularly fill the void. After a small but impressive handful of releases the New Delhi-based Wind Horse imprint has become renowned for huge production, contributions from accomplished world musicians, and rhythms that will shake the steadiest of dancefloors. With this fourth release, the Ego Invader EP, Wind Horse owner and rising star on the world DJ scene Hamza presents three tracks, including a couple of brilliant collaborations. The first cut, "Ego Invader," introduces the mysterious Loopy Juice, a singer/musician from the United Kingdom. "Ego Invader" showcases Loopy Juice's expressive and calming vocals over a building bed of Indian percussion and instrumentation as well as solid electronic beats and effects. The track is meant to convey, in Hamza's words, "invading the ego to introduce compassion and kindness into our lives. To achieve this we need to be wrathful and sensitive at the same time, therefore the track has a dark side as well as a blissed out one." "Folkstar Riddems" extends the collaborative spirit of this EP to Jassi, last heard working with Hamza on the well-received Allah Hoo EP. Jassi is one of the best known contemporary Punjabi singers, lending his voice to a number of films, several albums, and thousands of international concert performances. On "Folkstar Riddems" Hamza provides insistently pounding rhythms, yet leaves the music sparse to give lots of room for Jassi's evocative talent. For a club DJ this track is ideal; filled with drum and vocal breaks it is sure to make any DJ set come alive. The EP closes with "Tribal Sensitivity," a more straight-forward club-oriented selection. Here Hamza has produced an effective deep tribal house cut accented with subtle layers of percussion, soothing keys, and alluring vocal samples. The arrangement is squarely positioned to deliver for the dancefloor with just enough exotic spice added to maintain a unique electronic flavor. Hamza Rahimtula is undoubtedly a name to closely watch in the electronic music scene as the Ego Invader EP strongly confirms. Wind Horse Records plans to follow a prolific release schedule in 2010 with a goal of further introducing its sound and cadre of musicians and DJs to the world. Please enjoy the Ego Invader EP and be sure to look for more from Wind Horse Records in the very near future. Dj feedback: Asad Rizvi (Reverberations, UK) - "Glad to see Wind Horse getting into full swing! This is another inventive take on modern house by Hamza. Great things to come from this man and label in the next year, I think." Djuma Soundsystem - "Great beats on Ego Invader!" Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister) - "I like this!" Bob Duskis (Six Degrees Records) - "I really like Hamza's work. World-influenced house music can be a slippery slope but he always pulls it off beautifully." Richie Hartness (Untitled Music Blog) - "Stamping their name on the more exotic and diverse sounds, Delhi-based Wind Horse are back again with a cocktail of Indian beats and house grooves. 'Folkstar Riddems' grabbed me with legendary Punjabi singer Jassi ... tough tribal beats and a massive deep sound! Two more tracks on here, equally gloriously bold and rich in percussive driven-class." Marc Lacasse (Urbnet Webzine) - "This is a great combo of Eastern influences and dubby deep house mixtures."

Allah Hoo EP

Release Date 2010-01-26
Catalog # WHR003

Acclaimed New Delhi-based producer Hamza, building on the buzz created by his innovative Sufi Soul and Dusk Till Dawn EPs, now presents the ambitious and collaborative Allah Hoo EP on Wind Horse Records. Hamza's musical mission has been to seamlessly merge floor-driving tech-house styles with a reverent helping of more traditional south Asian influences. For this musical set Hamza further delves into the musical inspiration of his Indian home and enlists the vocal prowess of two of India's most renowned talents, Jasbir Jassi and Sunanda Sharma. Jasbir Jassi is one of the best-known contemporary Punjabi singers, lending his voice to a number of films, several albums, and thousands of international concert performances. Sunanda Sharma is a beloved Hindustani classical vocalist whose music has a decidedly spiritual element, performing for many Indian gurus. Together these musicians apply their gifts to "Allah Hoo", an expansive musical ride produced and programmed by Hamza. To refer to an elaborate recording as a 'journey' is often seen as cliche, but with "Allah Hoo" the description is apt. The opening tabla-led percussion is quickly joined by more synthetic rhythms as chiming keys and atmospheric sounds come into play. The lovely voice of Sunanda Sharma enters immediately creating an exotic and beautiful tone. As the house music bed slowly builds and expands Jasbir Jassi accompanies Sharma surprisingly revealing this song as a powerful duet of these strong voices. Dance floors will not be disappointed as the beats are insistent, and the sonic quality will compliment the best club sound systems. Simply put, this is a masterpiece. For "Mahi We", the companion track on the EP, Hamza continues his collaboration with Jasbir Jassi for a more concentrated deep house expedition. The percussion and rhythm is downplayed to add more focus to Jassi's fantastic intonations. Spacious pads and a subdued, but funky, bassline further buttress the thoughtful mood of the track. These elements, along with the somewhat dark but dreamy feel over static beats, make this song a must for the deepest of tech-tinged house music sets. With the Allah Aloo EP Hamza Rahimtula, a pioneer of the house music scene in India continues to prove himself as one of the more innovative house music producers working today. In this collaboration with Indian musical giants Jasbir Jassi and Sunanda Sharma Wind Horse Records and Hamza continue to turn heads and move dance floors with their expressive house music sounds. An exciting set of possibilities lie ahead for this masterful producer and the WInd Horse imprint. Stay tuned.

Dusk Till Dawn EP

Release Date 2009-10-27
Catalog # WHR002

Building on the overwhelming success of his debut Sufi Soul EP, New Delhi-based producer/DJ Hamza issues another massive house music release - the Dusk Till Dawn EP. For this special collection of tracks Hamza enlists the legendary vocal talent of composer-singer David Hykes, pioneer of the overtone-based chant tradition called 'Harmonic Chant', with twelve albums and numerous film scores to his credit. Hykes, founder of The Harmonic Choir, since 1975 considered the world\'s pre-eminent overtone vocal ensemble, will be appearing in the Delhi Sacred Arts Festival in March 2010, and is currently on tour in the United States. 'Harmonic Chant', sometimes called "overtone singing" or "throat singing," is a mysterious technique which allows the singer to produce more than one musical note at once. The origins of this approach can be traced to ancient traditions in the Tibetan/Tuvan/Mongolian regions, and has been related to the expression of transcendent states of consciousness. Indeed, Hykes has collaborated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Gyuto Monks. In bringing this ancient tradition to modern dancefloors, Hamza's experience as a DJ and an accomplished electronic dance music producer has combined smoothly with David Hykes' "vocal music of the spheres" for a duo of contemplative house masterworks. "Dusk" and "Dawn" sit side-by-side on this EP as the impressive results of this collaboration. In "Dusk", a driving tech-house rhythm peels away to reveal David Hykes' exotic, soaring vocal line. Once Hamza's beats and music return Hykes' voice melds with the dance-scape, becoming a perfectly subtle layer within the depth of the song. Eclectic percussion and a determined low-end further assure the track's place on the DJs playlist. A 'tech-dub' of "Dusk" shifts focus to a sparser rhythm which gives more space for Hykes\' vocal magic to cut through the mix. Hamza's collaboration takes a different direction with the understated "Dawn". Led by a crisp broken beat pattern and a rolling bassline, Hykes 'Harmonic Chant' becomes more of an atmospheric flourish amongst the steady build. Muted key stabs and a high-end synth melody appear within the track, adding some lightness to an otherwise ominous mood. The tune effortlessly breezes through its ten minutes, making "Dawn" a potential highlight in an evening's DJ set. The Dusk Till Dawn EP is the second offering from Wind Horse Records, a label started by Hamza Rahimtula to bring attention to the innovative house music sounds coming out of India. With this release Wind Horse Records and Hamza are set to bring new and evocative sounds to nightclubs worldwide while introducing new listeners to the immeasurable vocal talent of David Hykes. It's a fantastic effort, sure to help secure Hamza's place as one of the more ambitious house music producers working today.

Sufi Soul EP

Release Date 2009-07-24
Catalog # WHR001

RELEASE DESCRIPTION WHR001 Sufi Soul EP - Hamza Windhorse Records presents its much anticipated debut release, Sufi Soul EP! All tracks are written and produced by Hamza Rahimtula, founder of the label. Hamza is a pioneer of the house music scene in India at the moment and one of the most innovative producers around in the world today. The title track, 'Sufi Soul', swirls out of the speakers, through your ears, and into your soul. It combines tech-house and progressives rhythms; makes you groove and step whilst keeping a big room sound. Halfway through the track, the Ney (Persian flute) comes onto the scene, taking you new places. An Original track and guaranteed floor-filler! The second track, 'Gypsy travels' is as diverse as its name suggests, employing a wide and varied range of percussion, underpinned by an energetic bassline. An immersive, mystical melody shimmers on the surface. This piece provides a nice compliment to the title track. 'Samsara': The EP finishes with another hypnotic tune. The production on this one is tight, and a little more techy. It also enjoys a nice live feel though; a pulsing bongo-line breathes some life into the track. The melody is interesting, a little dark at the edges. This is a lighter, more moody track, but it's got something for your feet too!