Rajasthan Folkstars Bio (Khartal, Bhapang, Morchang)

Rajasthan Folkstar’s is a group of well-known folk artists from Rajasthan called ‘Manganiyars’ who are world renowned for their music. They belong to a gypsy community who make their living as musical performers. They are from the villages around Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Barmer in western Rajasthan.

Ancestors of these artists have been a dominant part of the folk music since the last 60 years.

Wind horse Records have handpicked a few artists and collaborated with them to give a unique music experience to the people. The combination of House Music and Rajasthani Percussive instruments is unique and is turning a lot of heads everywhere.

Percussive instruments which are used are : Khartal – made of two Hindi words - Kara means hand and tala means clapping. Two pairs of wooden clappers - flat strips of wood. Skilled player creates abundant articulated beat patterns with songs. Morchang - It is made of iron with vibrating tongue within the frame. It weaves rhythmic patterns of beautiful sonal composition. Bhapang - is a rare single stringed percussion instrument also known as a 'talking drum'. It has a wonderful ability to convey emotion and depth despite its superficial simplicity. It has a varying pitch which requires rapid hand movements for the countless grace notes that are necessary in producing a haunting melody.

The artists who work with Wind Horse Records are internationally known and regularly travel abroad to perform. They have been to England, France, US, Asia & Korea for shows.

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