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Troja aka Trideep Roy is a music producer and DJ from India who over the last few years has developed a strong following around the world. Through his productions, Troja seeks to express his inner emotive via a particular soundscape. His distinct sound of house and techno fused with classical and ethnic influences has connected with a wider global audience. As an artist he has received support from established names in the music industry such as Nick Warren, Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan, Mira and YokoO amongst others. This has led to him having the chance to play alongside established artists such as Stimming, Oceanvs Orientalis, Christopher Schwarzwalder, Christian Loffler, Parra For Cuva, Atish and Rampue to name a few.

Bookings Contact:

Hamza Rahimtula
Phone: +91 99101 91515